Expert Legal Strategies to Reduce Your Tax Burden

Maximizing Tax Savings through Incorporation in Ontario

When you decide to register your business in Ontario you can enjoy reduced tax rates and financial advantages. The experienced professionals, at Tabuchi Law offer customized tax planning and incorporation solutions to protect your assets and maximize savings.

Save Tax
Get Independent Legal Advice to protect yourself
Maintain Corporate Compliance
Income Splitting: Share Income, Lower Your Tax Bill

Unlocking Tax Advantages with Corporate Incorporation

Discover the advantages of registering your business in Ontario such, as benefiting from reduced tax rates and the chance to split income for minimizing your tax burden.

Benefit from Lower Corporate Tax Rates

Discover how the advantageous corporate tax rates, in Ontario can result in tax savings, for businesses when compared to personal income tax rates.

Strategic Income Splitting for Tax Efficiency

Learn about how income splitting, with family members can help you take advantage of tax brackets ultimately lowering the amount of taxes your household has to pay.

Dividends as a Tax-Efficient Compensation Strategy

Switching to receiving dividends of a salary can help lower your tax responsibilities because dividend income enjoys tax treatment.

Capital Gains Deduction: A Gateway to Tax Reduction

A guide, to understanding how you can qualify for the capital gains deduction by selling shares of your incorporated business, which could potentially cut your capital gain in half.

Comprehensive Tax Planning and Corporate Strategy

Tabuchi Law takes an approach, to creating a tax planning strategy that matches your business objectives and reduces tax obligations.

Why Choose Tabuchi Law for Your Incorporation and Tax Planning Needs?

Tabuchi Law provides services tailored to Ontario business owners focusing on enhancing the client experience offering personalized assistance and leveraging expertise, in tax planning and incorporation processes.

Customized Corporate Structures for Optimal Tax Benefits

Tabuchi Law customizes structures and asset protection strategies according to the requirements of each client guaranteeing optimal tax benefits and security measures.

Begin Your Journey to Financial Optimization Today

Encouraging business owners, in Ontario to reach out to Tabuchi Law for a consultation, on the advantages of incorporating and strategic tax planning for their business and personal finances.

Claim Deductions: Reduce Taxable Income, Save Money

Capital Cost Allowance: Claim Depreciation for Tax Breaks

Lower Corporate Tax Rates
Pay Less Tax on Business Income

Businesses usually face tax rates compared to individuals when it comes to their income. This strategy allows you to delay paying income taxes by retaining profits, within the company.

Income Splitting
Reduce Family's Overall Tax Burden

Corporations provide chances, for income sharing. You have the option to divide earnings among family members, in tax brackets by paying dividends or salaries which can help lower your tax liability.

Deductible Expenses
Lower Taxable Income, Save Money

Businesses have the flexibility to deduct expenses, including employee salaries, office supplies and marketing expenditures. These deductions help decrease the companys income and ultimately reduce its tax burden.

Explore Tax Credits: Reduce Taxes Owed with Incentives




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