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Our team of professionals provides services to help protect your assets minimize taxes and organize your business structure to secure your investments.

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Real Estate Investing
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Limited Liability: Protect your assets from property liabilities.

Maximizing Asset Protection

At Tabuchi Law our experienced real estate attorneys focus on developing asset protection plans, for real estate investors in Mississauga. Our thorough method guarantees that your investments are safeguarded from issues.

Effortless Compliance and Corporate Filings

Navigating the intricacies of paperwork can seem overwhelming. Our team is here to make this task easier making sure your real estate ventures meet all obligations protecting your investments and nurturing the growth of your business.

Tax Optimization for Real Estate Investors

Maximize your real estate investment returns while minimizing tax obligations. Our team of professionals excels, at creating tax strategies tailored to your investment objectives giving you a competitive advantage.

Legal Strategies to Reduce Tax Liability

Uncover how strategic legal planning can lower tax consequences, for your real estate ventures. Our tailored guidance assists, in attaining tax positions boosting the profitability of your investments.

Corporate Structuring for Liability Protection

By including your real estate investment, in a corporation you can protect yourself from liability. We help you navigate the steps of setting up a company outlining the benefits, like safeguarding assets, tax advantages and additional perks.

Building a Foundation for Growth

Discover how establishing the framework can lay the groundwork, for the expansion of your real estate investments. With our proficiency, in safeguarding aspects and navigating regulations we set your investments up for prosperity guaranteeing enduring security and progression.

Why Choose Tabuchi Law for Your Real Estate Investment Needs?

For, than three decades Tabuchi Law has been a cornerstone of expertise in Mississauga supported by a committed team that is enthusiastic about real estate law. Our emphasis, on clients guarantees tailored solutions that resonate with your investment goals.

Comprehensive Real Estate Investment Services

Our range of services covers everything from safeguarding assets to tax strategies and setting up frameworks addressing all facets of real estate investment. Rely on us to guide you through the terrain freeing you up to concentrate on your investment objectives.

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Start your venture into estate investing with assurance. Reach out to Tabuchi Law now to protect your properties reduce tax burdens and organize your investments, for prosperity.

Tax Deferral: Pay less tax, reinvest in growth

Protection for Your Assets

Tax Deferral
Pay lower taxes, reinvest profits

Income generated from renting properties through a company is subject, to taxation at a lower rate, than the highest individual income tax bracket. This strategy enables you to delay the payment of taxes until you decide to take out the earnings as dividends.

Limited Liability
Protect your personal assets

A company functions, as its entity protecting your personal assets from any financial obligations or legal actions connected to property investments.

Estate Planning
Simplify asset transfer, reduce fees

Owning property through a company can make it easier to pass on assets to heirs as part of your estate strategy potentially lowering costs and taxes associated with probate.

Estate Planning: Simplify inheritance, reduce taxes for beneficiaries.




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