Provides Supplemental Care and Enhanced Quality of Life

Safeguard Your Disabled Beneficiary's Future with a Henson Trust

At Tabuchi Law we focus on building foundations for individuals, with disabilities by crafting personalized Henson Trusts.

Henson Trust for Disabled Beneficiaries
Henson Trust for Disabled Beneficiaries | Keep ODSP
Protects Against Potential Financial Exploitation

What is a Henson Trust?

A Henson Trust serves as a mechanism created to safeguard the well being of a person, with disabilities all while preserving their eligibility for essential government aid such as ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program). Through this trust you can pass down an inheritance to your family member without putting their access, to government assistance at risk.

How Does a Henson Trust Work?

A trust known as a Henson Trust is established by the individual creating it (you) who designates a trustee to oversee the management of the trusts resources. The assets, within the trust are kept distinct from the finances of the beneficiary. This segregation safeguards the funds in the trust from being included in the beneficiarys income or assets calculation thereby safeguarding their qualification, for government assistance programs.

Why Choose a Henson Trust Lawyer?

Expertise in Ontario Disability Law

Creating a Henson Trust involves knowledge especially in Ontario disability law and government support systems. An experienced lawyer specializing in Mississauga Henson Trusts and estate planning, for people, with disabilities can help ensure that your trust is set up properly to meet its objectives while safeguarding your beneficiarys benefits.

Personalized Trust Creation

In every case there’s something, about it. A skilled attorney will customize the Henson Trust to fit your requirements and the particular needs of your disabled loved one. This involves taking into account things such, as the kind of government assistance they get how the trust assets should be distributed and selecting the person as trustee.

Streamlined Process and Peace of Mind

Establishing a Henson Trust may seem overwhelming. A skilled lawyer specializing in Henson Trusts from Mississauga will assist you every step of the way making sure all legal criteria are satisfied and your desires are precisely captured in the trust paperwork. This enables you to concentrate on the aspect. Ensuring the welfare of your beloved family member.

Benefits of a Henson Trust

A Henson Trust is designed to protect your beneficiary's access, to ODSP and other government benefits while also offering security by providing an inheritance for their needs. The trustee appointed to manage the trust ensures handling of funds in line with your wishes and the beneficiary's well being. Additionally the trust can be customized to allocate funds for purposes like education, healthcare or disability related expenses ultimately easing family stress by ensuring your loved ones stability, in the future.

How Tabuchi Law Can Help

Get advice. Discuss your circumstances to determine if a Henson Trust is suitable, for you and your beneficiary. Your lawyer will create a Henson Trust document that aligns with your preferences and follows Ontario laws. Receive help in choosing an capable trustee to oversee the trust efficiently. Your lawyer will be there to address your queries and offer support throughout the trusts duration.

Customize Support for Your Beneficiary's Needs

Peace of Mind for You and Your Family

Preserves ODSP Benefits
Maintain Eligibility for Government Benefits (like ODSP)

A Henson Trust helps ensure that your loved one can still qualify for programs such, as ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program) and other government assistance like housing or healthcare benefits. By keeping the trust assets separate, from the beneficiarys finances it prevents these funds from affecting their eligibility based on income or asset thresholds allowing them to continue receiving government aid.

Provides Financial Security
Secure Your Loved One's Financial Future

Creating a Henson Trust enables you to provide an inheritance, for the well being and support of your loved ones, in the future. This financial stability can serve purposes like enhancing their standard of living handling costs or supporting upcoming healthcare requirements.

Ensures Responsible Management
Guarantee Professional Asset Management

The trustee you've chosen takes care of the trust funds diligently honoring your instructions and prioritizing the beneficiarys well being. This guarantees that the inheritance is utilized prudently offering enduring security, for your family member.

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